Estate Jewelry

  • Diamond Clasp Four Strand Pearl Bracelet

    With four strands of high luster pearls, this diamond clasped bracelet is very special. The pearls have an alluring luster with pink overtones and overall uniformity. The bracelet features 42 carats of glossy pearls and 1.60TCW of twinkling diamonds.

  • 18K White Gold Opal and Diamond Ring

    This graceful opal and diamond ring is angelically set in 18K white gold. The multi colored opal flashes with greens, blues and purples which compliments the clear color of the dazzling diamonds.

  • Diamond and Pearl Bangle Bracelet

    You must come in and try on this 7MM pearl and diamond bangle bracelet! It features magnificent pearls with a mirrored luster alternating with .27TCW of shimmering diamonds. The elegant gems are adorned onto 18K white gold, making a sturdy and yet dainty bangle bracelet.

  • 4.65CT Ethiopian Opal and Diamond Ring

    This stunning Ethiopian opal shows a wide array of vibrant neon colors. It catches the light and glows with bright purples, reds, oranges, greens and yellows. To have such a lively piece of jewelry is truly unique and one of a kind. The magnificent opal is haloed with .20TCW of sparkling diamonds.

  • Flower Clasped Diamond and Pearl Bracelet

    This breathtaking three strand pearl and diamond bracelet showcases a beautiful array of sparkle and glitter. With high clarity and near colorless diamonds set in 14K white gold it is incredibly unique in appearance. These astonishing pearls have alternating pink and green overtones and have a delicate pearly luster.

  • South Sea Golden Pearl Button Stud Earrings

    These organic gems have a near perfect luster. Their mirror like polish adds an incredibly unique appearance to their peachy color. They are set in 18K yellow gold to compliment their sensational hue. They measure 9.9MM in diameter, making these earrings the perfect size for a beautiful addition to any outfit.


  • Four Strand Diamond and Pearl Bracelet

    This bracelet is a wonderful nacreous creation. Each pearl is uniquely formed with beautiful pink and green overtones that extenuate the iridescence of the gem itself. The marvelous clasp features 4.00 carats of near colorless and high clarity diamonds adding an astonishing contrast to the silky appearance of the pearls. Set in platinum, this quality piece is a must see.

  • 3.91CT GIA Certified No Heat Pink Sapphire Ring

    A radiant 3.91CT glowing no heat treatment pink sapphire incorporated with .35CT of sparkling diamonds make this platinum and delicate ring something exquisite. This amazing ring has its very own GIA certification for an added level of value and rarity.

  • Diamond and Opal Drop Necklace

    This stunning opal and diamond necklace shows an immense amount of color for any opal type. It's vibrant yellows, reds, blues and greens create an extraordinary array of colors that emit something very special for any opal lover. It is almost impossible to showcase this necklace's electric glimmer of color in any photo so please come into our Stowe store to see it in person and try it on.

  • Natural Brown and Yellow Twisted Diamond Ring

    This is a GIA certified natural brown and yellow diamond masterpiece. Its intricacy and acute diamond placement shines and illuminates when worn. The striking stones are features in platinum and 18K yellow gold. The warm colors harmonize to create something spectacular.

  • 14K Gold Aquamarine Detailed Ring

    This calm and soothing blue aquamarine ring features beautiful 14K gold intricate workings to emphasize the center stone. It twinkles in the light and is an affordable way to add something special to your daily routine.

  • 2.80CT Tsavorite Garnet with 1.00TCW Diamond Ring

    This extraordinary green hued garnet is the perfect color for anyone interested in green stones. Tsavorites are uncommon and striking in their own way. With this ring you get a tremendous 2.80ct center stone with 1.00tcw of sparkling diamonds enclosing it to form a truly unique design. All stones are featured inside 18K yellow gold.

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