Estate Jewelry

  • Pink Tourmaline and Diamond 18k Gold Earrings

    Do you have someone in mind when you think of colorful stones? These stunning pink tourmaline and diamond earrings showcase the best of sparkling diamonds as well as the rich vivid colors of colored stones. Set in 18k white gold, these earrings are very special.


  • 0.51ct Electric Blue Tourmaline Necklace

    Have you ever seen a stone with such amazing color? This electric blue tourmaline will catch any eye and is the perfect starter necklace for anyone due to its high quality and low price. If you know someone that likes to stand out from the crowd then this tourmaline and 14k white gold piece is perfect!

  • 0.73ctw Diamond Dangle Earrings

    These earrings are extremely delicate while making a big statement. They sparkle in the most beautiful way and their fluid designs exudes class and sophistication.


  • 0.90ct Tanzanite and Diamond Halo Necklace

    Tanzanite is one of the most interesting stones. Along with tourmaline, it exhibits multiple colors from different directions. This beautifully accented Tanzanite it the perfect every day pendant and is incredibly unique!


  • 1.04ct Teal Tourmaline and Diamond Platinum Ring

    This is an absolutely stunning and incredibly unique setting and stone. The mounting is filled with beautiful diamonds and this perfectly colored teal tourmaline. Tourmaline is a very desirable stones for many reasons but this tourmaline appears bluish from one direction and teal from another. This amazing optical feature makes this piece a must have!

  • Art Deco Emerald and Old European Cut Diamond Ring

    With this Art Deco time period 0.58ct emerald and 0.81ctw diamond ring you are wearing some of the most eye catching and detailed art in existence. The detail in this setting must be seen in person as it is something very special. Set in 18k white gold and platinum you will never see another setting quite this delicate and detailed.

  • 2.85CTW Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Ring

    This beautiful oval cut 2.85ctw aquamarine gemstone is gracefully set within a delicate diamond halo that features 0.41ctw of sparkling gems. Set in 14k white gold, it is a stunning design with deep color.

  • 1.74CTW Emerald Dangle Earrings

    Got some classic emerald studs in your collection? Don't you think it's time to add a little diamond dangle to them?! With these incredible yet simple diamond and emerald dangle earrings you get to keep the every day purpose of studs while adding a little extra sparkle! With almost flawless diamonds paired with these stunning emeralds this is an upgrade you need!

  • 2.22CTW Fancy Intense Yellow Trillion Diamond Necklace

    Everyone owns a diamond pendant, but to own a yellow diamond pendant is incredibly rare and special. Don't you think it's time to upgrade to a fancy intense yellow diamond necklace? This GIA certified piece will have you feeling warm and special inside.


  • Floral Diamond Cluster Ring

    An engagement ring isn't the only reason to be wearing a diamonds on your fingers. With this stunning floral diamond ring you are given a reason to wear a stylish diamond setting without a proposal! This piece twinkles vibrantly and leaves you feeling brighter inside.

  • 1.80CT Sapphire and Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

    Just like with your ruby and diamond studs, you can have the convenience of every day jewelry while adding some sparkle to your collection. These perfect sapphire studs have the added bonus of diamond halos which will add a little more sparkle to your afternoon.

  • Tumbled Pebble 18k Yellow Gold Bracelet

    Gold bracelets come and go. However, this golden pebble bracelet will hold it's unique character for generations to come. Upgrade your regular gold bracelet to something that will leave you feeling accomplished and one of a kind.

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