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  • Diamond and Chalcedony Earrings

    These very unique and delicate chalcedony earrings are truly stunning! They are outlined in a beautiful diamond halo that accents the chalcedony perfectly. The translucency to the lightly toned chalcedony ovals is soft and subtle while the diamonds create a vibrant sparkle that is irresistible.

  • 16.23TCW Fancy Diamond Leaf Brooch

    This piece can be seen from miles away. The overall leaf design hosts 16.23 carats of tremendous diamonds. Set in 18K white gold, these dazzling, colorless, high clarity diamonds come together to create a fabulous creation.

  • 1.29TCW Rough Diamond Ring

    Some people enjoy their diamonds to be clean and perfect. However, there is another side to diamonds that can be fascinating. Most diamonds feature some sort of internal clarity characteristic making it a one of a kind piece of art. This rough diamond shows it's evolution internally. Inside this beautiful diamond we see other crystals, changes in growth patterns, and other elements that make this piece exceptional!

  • Checkerboard Amethyst and Diamond Ring

    This perfectly saturated amethyst stone is delicately mounted with diamonds surrounding it. It is a breathtaking setting and this large stone adds something special.

  • 1.07TCW GIA Certified Diamond Halo Earrings

    These scintillating GIA certified diamond halo earrings are glamorous yet could be worn every day to accent the perfect outfit. They would be a great addition to any jewelry collection.

  • 3.56TCW Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Earrings

    These fancy intense GIA certified diamond earrings are amazing! It is so easy to get lost in how clear the light reflects off the many perfect facets. Accented by a beautiful micro set halos, these earrings are almost perfect clarity and such a glamorous color.

  • Topaz and Diamond Heart Necklace

    This is an elegant and marvelous heart pendant necklace. It features a perfectly colored blue topaz heart shaped gemstone surrounded by perfectly set diamonds. All accented by 18K white gold, it is truly lovely!

  • 10.30TCW Heart Shaped Citrine Earrings

    Combine citrine and 18K yellow gold and feast your eyes on these one of a kind earrings. 10.30TCW of dazzling citrine quarts gemstones cut into a marvelous heart shape. The many facets on these beautifully cut stones add such light to this design!

  • Zambian Emerald and Diamond Halo Pendant Necklace

    This very classic halo set Zambian emerald pendant weighs about .68CT. The scintillating surrounding diamonds are very eye catching and it is all adorned on a beautiful 18 inch chain.

  • 1.35CT Emerald and Diamond Ring

    This is a stunning 1.35CT emerald set in a beautifully polished 14K gold. This remarkable gem is strategically and creatively set with .90TCW diamonds.

  • Diamond and Platinum Cigar Band

    This is a marvelous custom design that features 5.90TCW of high clarity diamonds. It measures in about 12mm in width. It would be a beautiful addition to any collection!

  • 3.37CT Yellow Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

    This is an astonishing vibrant canary yellow sapphire ring surrounded by .92TCW of glittering diamonds. Set in platinum and 18K yellow gold, the two toned metals accent the stones flawlessly.

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