Estate Jewelry

  • 23.81TCW Diamond and Ruby Bracelet Set in Platinum

    This diamond and ruby bracelet features a whopping 23.81TCW. 11.27TCW of rubies added with the 12.54TCW of diamonds creates quite the statement. This bracelet is set in shiny platinum and the setting works seamlessly with the rubies and diamonds.

  • 7.99TCW Diamond Pear and Marquise Earrings

    These earrings will amaze you when you see how they reflect light. They are the perfect adornment! Their marvelous clarity becomes apparent when gazing at their unique beauty. They are colorless, but their fire gives them the appearance of having rainbow iridescence. Totaling in 7.99TCW and set in smooth yet sturdy platinum, these are a necessary upgrade to your diamond studs.

  • 4.74TCW Pear and Baguette Shaped Diamond Ring

    This scintillating diamond ring is filled with fire and sparkle. It radiates light due to it's high clarity and unique assembly of diamonds. The mixture of pear and baguette diamonds creates a very special design that you must see to fully appreciate. The many carats set in shimmering platinum make this ring a staple piece for your collection.

  • 4.90CT Natural Sapphire with Micro Set Diamonds

    This gorgeous sapphire is naturally colored with no indication of any heat treatment. The tone and saturation is ideal and glows when it catches the light. GIA certified, it is beautifully surrounded with dazzling micro set diamonds that extenuate the perfect color of this enormous yet delicate natural sapphire. Set in platinum, it does not get better than this!

  • 5.22TCW Ruby and Diamond Ring

    This stunning and very creativly designed platinum ring features beautiful rubies and diamonds. It includes 2.47TCW of rubies with an SI clarity center diamond weighing 0.92CT and surrounding baguettes totalling in 1.83TCW.

  • 3.43TCW Three Stone Ring in Platinum

    This charming three stone diamond ring set in platinum is perfect for any occasion. The twinkling center stone is G color and SI2 clarity. It is EGL certified and is complimented by the two sides stoned seamlessly.

  • 5.07TCW Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring

    This magnificent and detailed 18K yellow gold and platinum set ring includes 5.07TCW of colorful rubies and diamonds. It features 2.55TCW of sparkling diamonds carefully intertwined with the rubies to create a beautiful contrast.

  • 4.75CT Zambian Emerald and Diamond Necklace

    This necklace is jaw dropping. Featuring a 4.75CT natural Zambian emerald with outstanding color, it is accented by multiple different shapes of scintillating diamonds. It includes two 0.50TCW pear shaped diamonds, 0.63TCW bullet diamonds, 0.88TCW round diamonds, and 0.60TCW micro set diamonds that add sparkle you cannot believe. It is AGL certified and a must have addition to your collection.

  • Heart Shaped Garnet Earrings Set in 18K Gold

    Indulge yourself in a pair of heart garnet earrings. These beautiful heart shaped stud earrings are set in shimmering 18K yellow gold and is perfect for any red gemstone lover.

  • 1.13CT Ruby Heart and Diamond Halo Necklace

    This stunning ruby necklace would make the perfect gift for anyone. The ruby is thoughtfully cut into an elegant heart shaped gem and intricately lined with a diamond halo totaling in .15TCW. Set in shimmering platinum, it is a must have addition to her collection.

  • Heart Shaped Diamond Earrings

    These earrings are truly dazzling! They would make the perfect symbol of love. They feature .60TCW with lever backings. Set in 18K white gold, they will mark an unforgettable moment.

  • 3.93CT Emerald and Diamond Ring

    This two-toned gold and platinum set ring features an amazing emerald center stone totaling in 3.93CT. It is surrounded by four twinkling diamonds that add up to 5.63TCW.

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