Estate Jewelry

  • Mughal Emerald and Enamel Ring in 17k Yellow Gold

    This is a historic ring from a historical time! A one of a kind Mughal ring with extraordinary enamel work with a carved emerald center stone. This incredible ring is laced with 17k yellow gold and is even more beautiful in person.

  • Art Nouveau No Heat Certified Montana Sapphire Ring

    The Art Nouveau era was a time for wispy floral and plant-like jewelry. This incredible authentic vintage sapphire ring encases the most exquisite GIA certified no heat treatment Montana sapphire. This amazing sapphire is surrounded by diamonds and the most whimsical hand carved vine-like setting. Take this piece of art home with you!

  • Leaf Detail Diamond and Topaz Earrings in 14k White Gold

    These striking diamond and blue topaz earrings are unlike anything you've ever seen. These are particularly interesting due to their leaf-like detail and carefully set diamonds. The dangling blue topaz is the perfect addition to complete this floral look.

  • Old Mine Cut Diamond and Pink Sapphire Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

    Old mine cut diamonds are a special for so many reasons. They symbolize a traditional time where diamond cutting was done by hand and each facet was an individual work. This center pink sapphire is a striking color and this piece as a whole is perfection.

  • Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings

    The different shades of blue for aquamarine vary from very light blue to a very saturated and vibrant blue. These incredible french hook earrings house two stunning aquamarines circled with bright and dazzling diamonds. All set in 14k white gold, these are a must have addition for your collection.

  • Tanzanite and Diamond Cluster Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

    Tanzanite is such a vibrant stone. It's purple and blue hues are always a colorful addition to any design. This diamond and tanzanite cluster ring showcases the highest quality materials and they are set together in a way that will leave you feeling like a princess.

  • Vintage Pearl and Diamond Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

    This pearl cluster ring is a timeless creating of beauty and elegance. The scintillation of the diamonds brought together with the lustrous pearls is stunning.

  • Tension Set Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

    This very unique ring is a stunning mixture of modern design and classic estate beauty. The combination of this high quality aquamarine accented by these brilliant diamonds is flawless and perfect for every day.

  • Geometric Ruby and Diamond Cocktail Ring

    This fun and dazzling cocktail ring includes 3.63tcw of amazing rubies and diamonds. This ring is created with 14k white gold and the contrast between stones is remarkable. This piece is the perfect bold accent to your already amazing jewelry collection!

  • 1.39ct Emerald and Diamond Pendant in Platinum

    This incredible one of a kind vintage necklace features one center stunning emerald encased in a brilliant array of high quality diamonds. These precious gemstones are all set in platinum and 18k gold. This is the perfect piece to wear to an extravagant gathering!

  • Green Cat-Eye and Diamond Asymmetrical Necklace

    This very unique gemstone exhibits another phenomenon called chatoyency. This is when internal characteristics reflect light in a very particular way creating an eye in the middle of the stone. Have fun moving this incredible gem around and see the eye move with the light! Also incorporated in this necklace is a beautiful bezel set diamond.

  • Jelly Opal and 14k Yellow Gold Ring

    This opal and yellow gold ring has a very beautiful phenomenon called play-of-color. The play-of-color in this opal is created when deep within the stone microscopic water molecules are tightly packed together only letting certain waves of light through. This antique style setting is the perfect way to display this opal!

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