Estate Jewelry

  • 12.00ct Peridot and Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Necklace

    Cleopatra is well known in history for wearing large peridot and gold necklaces that were once thought to be emeralds. The rich and luscious green peridot in this necklace is similar to those worn by the ancient empress. This necklace features over 100dwt of 18k gold as well as 4.25tcw of dazzling diamonds!

  • 8.00ctw Peridot and Diamond 18k Gold Earrings

    Peridot is one of the only gems that only forms in only one color. The elements that make peridot what it is also make it green! Peridot can come in different shades of green but the most desirable color is the color seen in these peridot earrings. The lovely 18k yellow gold compliments the warm undertones of peridot's bright and summer-like colors.

  • Peridot Studs with Peridot and Black Sapphire Earrings Jackets in Sterling Silver

    Everyone needs a pair of gemstone studs for every day wear. These earrings are perfectly simple but have a convertible option with jackets containing black sapphires set in sterling silver. These earrings can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and would make the perfect gift!

  • 0.85ct Peridot and 14k White Gold Diamond Ring

    14k white gold adds a very particular and complimentary cool background color to the beautiful peridot. This wonderful diamond halo adds a bit of sparkle that will brighten your day!

  • Peridot and Diamond Halo Martini Set Studs

    These peridot studs are set in a magnificent martini setting with a glittering halo of diamonds. These high quality gemstone studs are the perfect addition to any outfit. Bring a simple pop of green into your day!

  • Platinum Ruby and Diamond Hoop Earrings

    These adorable platinum ruby and diamond hoop earrings will be the perfect gift for that special someone. With approximately 0.80 carats of rubies, and approximately 0.60 carats of round brilliant diamonds, these cheerful hoops will dangle delightfully!

  • 18k Ruby and Diamond Woven Detail Ring

    This magnificent detailed ring features a beautiful array of skilled craftsmanship and perfectly set rubies and diamonds. This ring includes three single cut diamonds with roughly 1.08tcw of perfectly colored rubies. The unique design exhibits class and high quality.

  • 2.93ct Ruby and Marquise Floral Design Ring

    This platinum and 18k gold ruby and diamond ring is the real deal! With a center stone weighing 2.93ct and surrounding diamonds that total in 3.60tcw, this piece is absolutely stunning. This ruby's vibrant red color is only enhanced when placed next to these amazing VS and colorless diamonds. Cocktail rings will never go out of style so keep up with the modern day trends as well as classic traditions with this estate ring.

  • 14K Yellow Gold Flower Diamond Ring

    Four diamonds rest artfully in the center of this 14K yellow gold floral ring. With a total of 0.43cts, this ring will invoke the freshness of spring all year long.

  • 14K Yellow Gold Emerald Stud Earrings

    These two delicate oval 0.70tcw emeralds, expertly set in 14K yellow gold, will make a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!

  • 18K White and Yellow Gold Fancy Yellow Diamond French Wire Earrings

    Dangling delightfully from your earlobes, these mixed-metal white and fancy yellow diamond French wire earrings will add some serious sparkle to your collection! With 1.29tcw yellow diamonds, and 0.44tcw white diamonds, these are sure to brighten any look.

  • 14K Rose Gold Intricate 2.10ct Peridot Diamond Ring

    Turn heads with this stunning combination of rose gold and a 2.10ct cushion cut peridot sitting atop 0.60 carats of elegantly set diamonds.

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