• Bolton Sapphire Snowflake Necklace

    Sapphires perfectly represent the deep cool blue hue that shouts cold and snowy Vermont winters. Take home this stunning representation of your trip to Vermont and closely remember your snowy adventure!

  • Bolton White Gold Snowflake Necklace

    With great attention to detail, this 14K white gold pendant is great for everyday where. Shown with 16" chain. Pendant available in 14K yellow gold, chains available in various lengths.

  • Bolton Yellow Gold Snowflake Necklace

    14ky Snowflake Pendant and 16-inch chain.

  • Bolton Yellow Gold Diamond Snowflake Necklace

    This lovely snowflake is created with 14k yellow gold and a beautiful diamond center stone.

  • Bolton White Gold Diamond Snowflake Necklace

    White Gold bezel set Diamond Pendant and 16 inch diamond cut chain. A wonderful gift for the holidays or to celebrate our glorious Vermont winters!

  • Montpelier Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings

    These are magnificent and truly exhibit the beauty that Vermont has to offer. Set in 14k yellow gold, these earrings feature a beautiful center diamond stone.

  • Montpelier White Gold Diamond Earrings

    Take a piece of Vermont home with you when you buy these Ferro Jewelers made diamond snowflakes set in 14k white gold.

  • Montpelier Peridot Snowflake Necklace

    This is a peridot center stone, 14k gold snowflake named after our beautiful capital of Montpelier! This snowflake is available with many center stones. Get one with an emerald, pink sapphire, orange sapphire, blue sapphire, ruby, tanzanite or garnet!

  • Montpelier Sapphire Snowflake Earrings

    These beautiful earrings feature 0.22CT sapphires created with 14K white gold.

  • Montpelier Aquamarine Snowflake Necklace

    14kw snowflake necklace with aquamarine center stone. Comes with 18-inch diamond cut chain.

  • Montpelier Sapphire Snowflake Pendant

    Beautiful 14kw sapphire snowflake pendant.

    *chain sold separately.

  • Montpelier Gold Snowflake Diamond Pendant

    14k yellow diamond solitaire snowflake pendant. 14k yellow chain.


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