Diamond Brokerage

Diamond Brokerage Services

Ferro Jewelers would be happy to help you sell your loose diamonds or mounted diamond jewelry.  We have a large network of contacts who will pay a premium for your pieces so we can maximize your return.  Our brokerage fees vary based on a number of factors but they typically range from 5% to 10% of the sale.


Please contact us for more information on our diamond brokerage services or to schedule an appointment to have an evaluation of the items you wish to sell.


"Working with Ferro Jewelers to pick an engagement ring with my fiance will always be a memorable experience. We planned to use diamonds from a bracelet my Grandfather had given to my Grandmother in 1946, my fiance Michele needed to be part of the ring selecting process. " — Charles Floeckher

Signed Brands*

Our Woodstock Store carries these signed brands...